Scout & Community Project


Phase 1 of the Hall Upgrade project was completed in November 2016.

We now have:
A lift to the first floor
A modern kitchen
A toilet suitable for the disabled
One meeting room on the north side of the building

The Lord Lieutenant of Dorset, Mr Angus Campbell, was the guest of honour at the completion of Phase 1 with the Mayor and Mayoress of Shaftesbury, Cllrs. Richard and Karen Tippins.

Members of the Shaftesbury Scout Group cut the ribbons to the new doors.

The work cost £100,000 and was fully funded before completion.

Phase 2 of the Hall Upgrade project was completed in December 2017.

We are moving forward in February 2017 and the work will include:
Completion of the upgrade of the Entrance Lobby on ground floor

First floor
Creat new storage area next to the Lift area.
Complete Northside meeting room
Upgrade existing Male W.C.
Install new Female W.C. on south side of the building
Create two small meeting rooms
Create a 5 x m square meeting room with specially designed glass and oak panelled
double doors

Install new Lighting System throughout the whole area

Fit new flooring to whole area.

Phase 2 is estimated to cost c£106,500.00 excluding VAT

Fundraising continues!

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